2019-03-20 Think Your Business Is Safe?

March 20, 2019

There are those of us who think we are safe from hackers and malware.  We comfort ourselves by saying, ‘I don’t have anything anyone would want’ or ‘My business doesn’t deal with SSNs, Credit Card, or Bank Account information…no one would come after me’.  Sometimes we feel that our IT team or tech buddy has […]

2019-03-06 PC Matic Pro – A Solution for Schools

March 6, 2019

As a community, we are concerned and interested in keeping our children safe while at school.  We have fences, locked doors, check-in/sign-in systems, etc.  But what about the cyber threat?  Plexus’ partnership with PC Pitstop for their PC Matic Pro solution is an awesome fit for municipalities and school districts – as noted in this […]

2019-03-05 SIEM With Plexus’ AlienVault (AT&T CyberSecurity)

March 5, 2019

In this article from 2017, the author provides an overview of what a SIEM is.  Plexus is poised to assist you in connecting with one of the current cutting edge SIEM’s and supply you with relevant security data on your organization within 24 hours.  AT&T and AlienVault bring a powerful union to the market with […]

2019-03-02 Cyber Security Is Critical

March 5, 2019

Do you believe Cyber Security is a real issue?  With all the stories of businesses ranging from ‘mom&pop shops’ to mainstream and government breaches hitting the media it is important to realize that these are not just random occurrences or ‘something that happens to the other guy’.  Cyber Security is a critical aspect of any […]