2019-05-17 Anti-Virus Companies Hacked

May 17, 2019

In the last 2 weeks, a Russian hacking group reports that they successfully breached 3 mainstream antivirus companies, downloaded core code, and were able to exit the systems without triggering any alarms. This has been reported by more than one source (PC Matic reports it here as well as another source posting here).

What does this mean for you? Well…it’s a great time to switch to another anti-virus solution for one. Plexus is a reseller of PC Matic Pro. We are able to quickly and securely migrate you to this ‘whitelisting’ technology no matter what size of organization or complexity.

In a recent connection Plexus resources discovered that at least here in the Rio Grande Valley there is a common ideology that ‘Well…we’ve never been hacked and (knock on wood) we won’t be. If we do I guess we will revert to backups’ etc. This is exactly the sort of reactionary thinking that will land many organizations in a difficult spot when customer data, personal protected identity information, and financial records are breached and sold to the highest bidder.

PC Matic is an affordable 1st step to securing your organization. We can provide you with a quote “today“. Contact us here with how many Windows PC and server devices you have and we will ensure you get secured as quickly as possible. Mac and Android product support is coming very soon in 2019…