2019-03-20 Think Your Business Is Safe?

March 20, 2019

There are those of us who think we are safe from hackers and malware.  We comfort ourselves by saying, ‘I don’t have anything anyone would want’ or ‘My business doesn’t deal with SSNs, Credit Card, or Bank Account information…no one would come after me’.  Sometimes we feel that our IT team or tech buddy has got us covered and we are o.k.

It’s time to step up your game and realize that Cyber Security is not a passive sport.  Take a look at the top 10 exploited vulnerabilities from 2018 (as reported by Recorded Future).  As you can see, some of these exploits date back to vulnerabilities from 7 years ago…but individuals and organizations are still falling prey to these malicious tech predators.  And…these are VERY common software for the majority of computers on-line.

  1. Mircosoft (CVE-2018-8174 567)
  2. Adobe (CVE-2018-4878 387)
  3. Mircosoft (CVE-2017-11882 223)
  4. Mircosoft (CVE-2017-8750 192)
  5. Mircosoft (CVE-2017-0199 91)
  6. Mircosoft (CVE-2016-0189 78)
  7. Mircosoft (CVE-2017-8570 68)
  8. Mircosoft (CVE-2018-8373 66)
  9. Mircosoft (CVE-2012-0158 55)
  10. Google Android (CVE-2015-1805 49)

To be clear, there are many attacks which are conducted through robotic or automated processes looking for easy victims.  These robots (just like telemarketers) reach out to you regardless of who you are.  They don’t care about your financial resources…they are designed to look for anyone their creator can victimize.

What can you do?  Well…don’t let yourself be the next victim.  Contact a member of the Plexus team today and let us help you reduce the threat level for your home and business with our Cyber Security tools.  There are good people in the world who really want to help you and not exploit you…

…and you just read a blog by one of us!